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Mrs Jennifer Grinnall


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Mrs Jennifer Grinnall


Toddler Sense introduces a whole new world of adventure for toddlers and children up to the age of three years. Great music, great equipment and great new ideas! Imagine climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, digging for fossils, swimming with dolphins and hunting for dinosaurs? Every week introduces a whole new adventure. The main emphasis is on mobility, excitement and adventure. It is a fast-moving, action-packed programme. Toddler Sense is very different to Baby Sensory, but equally addictive.

Visitors are always welcome but please call in advance to reserve your place.

To register your interest, please contact your local Toddler Sense Class Leader.




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Offering Bespoke Toddler Parties for all occasions - 

Thank you for your interest in a Toddler Sense party. 

We offer Three types of parties:

  1. Activity Sessions: (40 minute session) 40 minutes of group activities ideal for smaller venues or in your home and accommodates up to 20 toddlers.  COST:   £90
  2. Play & Activity sessions: ( 1hour session) 30 minutes of Adventure Zone and 30 min group activity. For medium to larger sized venues and accommodates up to 20 toddlers COST:  £140
  3. Play & Activity sessions: ( 1 ½ hour session) 30 minutes of Adventure Zone and 30 min group activity followed by a further 30 minutes of Adventure Zone. For medium to larger sized venues and accommodates up to 20 toddlers COST:  £165

Once you have decided on what type of party you’d like to book, please post or email me back with the completed booking form.  If you like to pay via bank transfer then please request the Bank Details required. 

Completed booking forms and payment need to be sent within 3-business days for me to guarantee the date we have provisionally booked in.  

Please email me or text 07837826403 once you have issued payment so I can confirm your booking.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Our parties are a fun-filled and memorable way to celebrate your toddlers Birthday. Parties can be very exciting for very young children and parents remain accountable for each child in their care.  In the case of 'overly boisterous' behavior we may have to stop and activity for the safety of others (this is very rare!).  Our parties are ALL-INCLUSIVE and we encourage the adults to join in on the fun too!  The games and activities lend themselves well for all round enjoyment so it's good to brief your guest before they arrive; the entertainment is for everyone!  

I have a range of party plans for you to choose from, however if you have a special theme, songs, characters or activities you 'd like included,  I will consider including them into the plan providing I have at least 2 weeks notice to plan this in.

I do also need to know where to park, any special directions to the venue I may need to be aware of and if the venue can be make "dark" in order to execute light show activities.  

Please be advised that we reserve the right to change or alter the activities planned as we see fit on the day (i.e., we may find a light show was very exciting and fun and run another one -- i.e. we "read' the audience on the day)!.  If you have something you have specifically asked for, we will always execute this unless there is a safety issue.

If you have any queries in the mean time, do not hesitate to contact me.  We look forward to celebrating with you.

Kind regards






Multiplies i.e twins are offered a discount of 1 at full price with the following at half price. 


Please note - If you are booking twins or Multiples to the class then you will not be able to make this payment via the webpage payment so please contact me so that I can amend your class fee and reissue you an amended booking confirmation


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