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Baby Development

The video below shows a number of activities used at Baby Sensory classes which are specifically designed to help with  Development of babies from birth.

 Baby Sensory founder, Dr Lin Day has been commissioned to write a series of articles about Baby Development for Early Years Professionals. Take a look at a some of her Top tips for parents as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year for parents and an even more magical one for babies. The Christmas
tree, presents, shiny decorations, colourful lights, smells, tastes and sounds make Christmas Day a complete sensory delight. Unfortunately, the celebrations can be both exhausting and stressful, so it is important to keep in mind that your baby still needs your love and warmth and the security of a familiar routine. Read more..

Beating the Winter Blues

Most mothers have days when they feel really down. This is perfectly normal. Looking after a baby, being constantly on call and coping with the daily demands of life is not easy. However, mothers who start to feel more lethargic than usual and perhaps socially withdrawn as the winter season draws in could find themselves experiencing the ‘winter blues. Read More..

Baby Containers

The next time you put your baby in a bouncer, walker or strap-in chair, think carefully. Studies show that too much time spent in them can prevent them babies from getting the exercise that they need for healthy development.. Read more..

Baby's First Easter

Your baby may be too young to decorate a hard-boiled egg or go on an egg hunt, but there are still plenty of ways to make Easter an educational and enjoyable event. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Read more...

Brain Foods

The brain is truly amazing and although we don’t know all its secrets yet, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that what we feed our children has a direct impact on their well-being, health and intelligence. Read more...

Cost-cutting Top Tips for new parents

Expectant parents can spend thousands of pounds on baby clothes, toys and other essentials before the birth. However, as many experienced parents will know, most items can be obtained at little or no expense and without depriving babies of anything that they really need. In fact, a new baby needs relatively little, except clothes, love, warmth and food. Read more...

Mother's Day

In the UK, Mother’s Day traditionally falls three weeks before Easter Sunday. It is an occasion to thank Mums for their love, care and support throughout the year. Read more...

Prenatal Stress

Prenatal stress influences the stress response system of the baby. As early as the seventeenth week of gestation, the stress hormone cortisol has been found in measurable amounts in the amniotic fluid. This has been associated with changes to the baby’s immune system, and brain development, and a range of psychological and medical problems in later life. Read more...

Postnatal Depression

Most mothers have days when they feel really down. This is perfectly normal. Looking after a baby, being constantly on call and coping with the daily demands of life is not easy. However, mothers who feel miserable most of the time may be suffering from postnatal depression, a debilitating illness that can spoil the experience of motherhood, interfere with the development of the mother-baby bond and put an
immense strain on adult relationships.


What, why, how, when and where? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions: Read more...

Toy Safety

Every year, thousands of babies are hospitalised following an accident with a toy. Some of these accidents could be avoided by removing toys that contain small parts, sharp edges and points, magnets,
strings or cords.


Keeping small children seated, quiet and entertained on a car or plane trip is a frightening prospect for most parents. But, with a little planning, travelling can be a fun experience for children and a relaxing one for parents. Here are some ideas on how to prepare for the journey and how to keep your child busy and happy on the way. Read more...


What, why, how, when and where? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions: What is weaning?
Weaning simply means gradually moving your baby from a total milk diet to one that also includes solid foods. Why should I wean my baby? As babies become more active, they need extra minerals and vitamins to help them grow and develop both mentally and physically. Read more...

Tummy Time

Tummy time is an essential aspect of development from birth. It promotes:

  •  Healthy development of the central nervous system and brain. 
  • Strong neck, back and upper body muscles. 
  • Balance, coordination, stability and postural skills.

Read More..


Below are some helpful suggestions, in response to some Frequently asked questions.

Reflux - How to reduce the symptoms

Read more..

Rolling over - What can I do to help

Read more..

Night light - will it help my baby or child sleep better at night.

Read more..

Biting - How to prevent the Habit

Read more..





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