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We are looking for business partners in Singapore!  We would like to share the fantastic Baby Sensory program with Singapore babies as soon as possible and start running classes in the very near future!

Looking for a career in childcare? 

Think you have what it takes to run your own business working with parents and their new born babies?

If so, Baby Sensory offers the child care career you are looking for.Baby Sensory offers a variety of Early Years Career opportunities for self-motivated people who are interested in developing their own business.

We are looking for;

Baby Sensory Franchisees who will establish their own successful Baby Sensory franchise in one or more territories in the Singapore.

Toddler Sense Franchisees who will work with established Singapore Franchisees to grow the Toddler Sense business within an existing territory.

International Business Partners who will develop the Baby Sensory business in countries where we do not yet have an established business partnership.

Please contact Mr. Wilson Tham on +601112335676 or email  to find out which opportunities are available in your area.

Franchise Opportunities

Working with Baby Sensory offers the opportunity to build your own successful business, working hours to fit your personal circumstances. Franchisees will be able to share with parents the joy and sense of awe that arises from seeing a baby learn. They will also establish strong relationships with the adults and babies in the class.

Why choose a Baby Sensory franchise?

Designed specifically for babies from birth

Unlike many other programmes, the Baby Sensory experience is specifically designed for babies from birth. Baby Sensory franchisees therefore have the advantage that our programme is considered by many, to be the best available Baby Development programmes.

The Baby Development classes cater for groups of babies from birth - 6 months and 7 to 13 months. Our Adventure Play programme, Toddler Sense, caters for infants between the ages of 1 and 3 years old.

Join a winning team

Since starting to offer franchises at the end of 2007, Baby Sensory has grown rapidly. In the first three years alone our UK team grew to over 50 franchisees, many of whom exceeded their first year expectations.

At the same time the business grew internationally with a network of International Business Partners in Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, China, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Australia and Ireland.

This success has generated positive momentum for the Baby Sensory business and enables us to invest in further product development and marketing.

During this period we were nominated for a number of awards and winners of Baby Development awards in the UK and Canada.

Research and Development

Our founder Dr. Lin Day is featured writer on Baby Development and all of the Baby Sensory activities are based on current research and theory. We regularly review and update our programme and during 2009 we introduced the Toddler Sense programme for infants aged 13 months to 3 years.

Through constant reinvestment Baby Sensory will remain at the forefront of Early Years Development.

Qualities of a Franchisee

The biggest single factor that will determine the quality of the product is the franchisee. With this in mind we operate a comprehensive training and development programme for franchisees. The qualities we seek in our franchisees are:
  • Confidence;
  • Enthusiasm and passion;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Strong motivation and drive.
If you have these qualities we will help you to develop the specific knowledge and skills to run a successful Baby Sensory franchise.

Case Studies

If you would like to find out how other new franchisees have got on after deciding to set up their onw Baby Sensory franchise take a look at one of our case studies.

Elaine Allan was one of our first franchisees in Scotland when she opened in 2007. Elaine now runs a number of territories and sub franchises parts of her territory to people wanting to run their own Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense classes. Read more...

Jayne and Vicky are a mother and daughter team who set up a new Baby Sensory business in the stoke area at the end of 2009.

They enjoyed very quick success and are planning the next steps in their expansion. Read more...

This opportunity may well appeal to infant and toddler caregivers who are already working with babies and young children and are looking for a new and exciting opportunity in newborn infant care.

To find out more about our Franchise opportunities an information pack is available from  
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