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Sarah Knights

07921 299375

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Sarah Knights

07921 299375

Baby Sensory’s award winning baby development classes are now running in your area. You and your baby will experience different sensory activities designed to support your baby’s sensory development every week and you are welcome to join at any time. Baby Sensory is an extremely popular Baby Development activity and many of our classes are fully booked, it is advisable to book early.

Visitors are always welcome but please call in advance to reserve your place.

To register your interest, please contact your local Baby Sensory Class Leader.





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Baby Sensory, the Award Winning Baby Development classes are currently held weekly in Old Warden(Near Sandy and Biggleswade). Biddenham and Milton Ernest. These locations are easily accessible for parents living in the local communities including; Bedford, Biggleswade, Sandy, Potton, St Neots, Old Warden, Langford, Northill, Southill, Broom, Gamlingay, Dunton, Bromham, Clapham, Great Barford, Renhold, Kempston, Cardington, Upper Caldecote, Blunham, Tempsford, Turvey, Wilstead, Milton Ernest, Carlton, Sharnbrook, Oakley, Bromham, Riesley, Thurleigh.
Additional classes are due to open in venues with areas listed above in the new year. Please keep looking on the website for further details on launch and Free Taster Sessions.  

If you are looking for an exciting activity which will be fun for you and will help with your baby’s sensory development call the Franchise Owner and Class Leader, Sarah Knights, who will arrange for you and your baby to visit one of her classes, and keep you up to date with our new class launches.


Term Booking Venues - Bookings can be made in blocks of 10 at a total cost of £70 per block. Classes run in 10 week terms continuously throughout the year, including school holidays unless otherwise stated on our website. We allow discount of one week for holidays, if stated at point of booking, and only on classes that were not fully booked the previous term. If, for any reason you cannot attend on a week paid for, we are happy for you to invite a friend and their baby in your place., or you can transfer to another class at any time and venue if availability within the same 10 week term. Please let Sarah or Lucy know in advance if you have arranged this. 

Pay As You Go Classes - We run a  pay as you go venue at St. Andrews Church, Bedford, to offer a little flexibility. If you would like to try this venue please book by emailing me, Sarah, at [email protected], at least a day before your chosen class date. Places are reserved for block booking payees first then a first come first served basis. Classes can be very popular and a place cannot be guaranteed if you have not booked ahead. We will try to accommodate as best we can though.

Activities Only - St. Andrews Church Bedford, is only a 40-45min session and for this reason does not include exploratory play. The full class is sensory activities only.
Due to temporary space restrictions at The Playhouse, Milton Ernest, we can only offer Sensory activities here as well (this is reflected in the price). We hope to be able to add exploratory play there again soon.
TERM PAYMENT- please note that if you are booking a blcok booking venue, class fee's will be due 1 week before the start of term to confirm your place. This is due to current high demand for these venues. If payment has not been received by this date you will be sent a reminder and opt out email. If we do not hear from you your reservation will be passed to the next person on the waiting list.

Booking Confirmation
Your place will only be secured once full payment has been received and you have a booking confirmation from Bedfordshire Baby Sensory.

Taster Session

We run free no obligation taster sessions through the year, you may only attend one free session. Current Taster Sessions will be advertised on our website. If you would like to try a session before signing up and no taster session is scheduled, you may be able to attend a regular class at our discretion. Please contact Sarah ([email protected]) or Lucy ([email protected]) for further details


Special events
Special events will be posted on our website and will be advertised separately. One off visitors are welcome to attend our special events subject to availability. 

Discounts and Special Circumstances
At our discretion we are able to offer a 5 week block booking. This is only possible in exceptional circumstances, or at specific venues. e.g. where an attending adult may be relocating, returning to work or in the late stages of pregnancy.


We are pleased to offer a special rate for twins and multiple babies. For twins book for one baby and get one free, for triplets, first is payable at full rate, second half price and third free! For quads and above, please contact us to confirm availability. We recommend that you bring another carer with you to help with the babies as the Class Leader will not be able to take responsibility for your baby during class time.


We're pleased to announce that registration for the spring/summer term 2017 is now open. To secure a place on the course follow the BOOK NOW instructions on this page and receive confirmation as soon as you pay your course fees. 

The following Autumn Term will open soon, firstly to those on the waitlist and then via the website here to everyone else. If you are interested in early booking and joining the waitlist for any of our classes please email Sarah at [email protected].

Please note if a class is marked as 'waiting list' please try to book onto another class to avoid disappointment. Or call or email Sarah or Lucy, in case spaces become available and to register your interest. Once all class places have been filled however, a place would not become available until the next term.

Watch out for updates via class and facebook on our special events through the term, including Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter.

Follow us on Facebook for fabulous sensory play ideas, class information, free session dates and much more!

Free Bedfordshire Taster Classes will be held throughout the year, please check our website and facebook page for details and dates:

If you would like more information or would like to register directly through me for the new year term in January please email your name, baby's name and date of birth along with your chosen venue and class time.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL to secure a place on the Taster Classes

Each week you will come home with a wealth of ideas to try at home. I'll explain the theory behind each activity and give you a full understanding of how you can help your baby to flourish and meet those crucial developmental milestones. It is astounding how much and how quickly our babies learn and develop, Baby Sensory appreciates and embraces this with class sessions that brings the most out of every baby

Baby Sensory classes will help you to strengthen the bond between you and your baby, memories of which will stay with you forever. With over 60 differently themed lesson plans your baby will learn and develop in every possible way

Babies are so clever! That's why we have plenty of exercise for the brain and body.The classes truly are a sensory delight. So come along we'd love to meet you both.


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