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There are many exciting opportunities with Baby Foundations, Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors and KeepaBeat.

These programmes have proved to be a wonderful space for over 400 people to work, start their own business and make a new life outside the corporate world. It is a number we are very proud of and one we wish to grow!


Becoming a Franchisee

As a multi-award winning franchise company delivering classes right across the UK, clearly we must be doing something right.

Joining up with us, in whatever capacity, has 3 principal advantages:

Firstly, the proven track record of franchising makes starting your own business so much easier. Much of the hard work has been done for you, and after 10 years of franchising we have refined our set-up to make it as easy as possible to be successful.

Secondly, we have a wide range of businesses for you to choose from, which not many companies can offer:

  • Baby Foundations – if you love working with adults in the vital pre-birth period of nesting and learning.
  • Baby Sensory – a fabulous journey spanning the baby’s and carer’s first year together.
  • Toddler Sense –  mad-cap activities and adventures designed for under 5’s (and that includes your attitude!)
  • Mini Professors – for those who love to impart learning and see young minds grow in front of them.
  • KeepaBeat – a fun and creative First Aid course for parents at home.

Lastly, we are always here to help. If you already have your own business, then you are the programme developer, the social media marketer, the product sourcer and much more. In a franchise, it is this support that you pay for with your quarterly fees.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that by joining a pioneering company like ourselves, we can offer you a network of teachers with many thousands of hours of experience behind them and the cumulative wealth of knowledge of teaching more than a quarter-of-a-million babies and children! Therefore, there will be someone who has seen it before and can talk you through it.

The process

If you wish to explore the possibility of becoming a Franchisee, we suggest you send an email to us () for an initial pack. You will receive a brief summary of the offering and a short form to fill out.

On returning the form, you will be introduced to the Regional Franchisor who coordinates all the programmes in the area you have requested. They will be able to tell you about the business of interest, if there any vacant territories or businesses for sale (which happens as a part of the normal cycle of things), and any other information you may need to know.

After a ‘phone call, it’s on to a casual meeting and then, the most important part, sitting at the front of the class for a day to see if you actually enjoy the feeling! If it is a ‘Yes!’ then you move on to training to get you up and running depending on your timeframe.

Funding for Franchising

We strongly believe that any new business should be securely funded. We are delighted to work with the Government backed Startup Loans to provide funding and support for your business. Go to to find out more.

As a job

Class Leaders are the grassroots of our business. They are there every day, down with the babies and young children running our exceptional sessions, which have made this company what it is. As well as receiving 2 months of the very highest pre- and post-training support, they spend an immersive 2 or more days training to really polish off their skills.

'I loved the time I spent on the training course with the group. It was wonderful learning something new and I am really looking forward to going out to practice in classes’ - Irina Penkina

Working as a Class Leader can be anything from a part-time role to a full-on job teaching more than one of our programmes. It’s a great way to keep active (one teacher recently did 10,000 steps on her Fitbit tracker in 2 classes) and the reward of watching small babies, toddlers and families grow cannot be beaten.

Many of our Franchisees started off as Class Leaders, liked what they were doing, and then went on to start their own business within the company. So the possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in working as a Class Leader, the best thing to do is find a class, explain that you are interested in working, and ask to be put in touch with the Regional Coordinator to find out more. From there on, who knows which doors could open?

Becoming an International Franchisee

We already have many successful international Franchisees (indeed, we have won awards for our International expansion), so if you contact us on  we will give you guidance on the opportunities available in your country.

Case Studies

If you would like to find out how other new franchisees have got on after deciding to set up their own Baby Sensory franchise take a look at one of our case studies. 

Michelle Grzbiela - Basingstoke/Alton Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense Franchisee, England

Lisa Reed - Newcastle, Baby Sensory Franchisee, North East England

Helen Dicks - Southampton, Baby Sensory Franchisee, England

Joanne Kane - Baby Sensory Franchisee, New Zealand

Angela Kennedy - Guildford Baby Sensory Franchisee, England

Kayleigh Thornton- Isleworth Baby Sensory Franchisee, England


Training Dates 

The dates for our training Courses are: 



Spaces Available

Baby Sensory Class Leader Training Course (BSCL)

Please note: BS kit orders can take up to 4 weeks. Order from the online supplies shop.


21st and 22nd September 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


15th and 16th November 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


Toddler Sense Class Leader Training Course (TSCL)

Please note: TS kit orders can take up to 6 weeks. Order from the online supplies shop.


5th and 6th October 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


Mini Professors Training Course 



11th and 12th October 2017 plus  an observation day at the founders classes in Winchester on the Friday 13th October 

 The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


Business Training Course



26th October 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


Keepabeat Training Course




2nd October to the 6th October 2017

Allenbury Centre Harris' Lane,Ware, SG12 0DJ, Hertfordshire


4th December to the 8th December 2017


Allenbury Centre Harris' Lane,Ware, SG12 0DJ, Hertfordshire



 Reading Fairy Training Course




 7th and 8th November 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR


(This course may only be open to certain territories only  For quality assurance purposes).

Baby Foundations Training Course



To Be Confirmed....



Mentor Training Course



Autumn 2017

The Wow Centre, Faraday Road, Churchfield Industrial Estate, Salisbury, SP2 7NR

Please register interest at


Contact details

For all enquiries

Please send an email to  for all enquiries.
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