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Professor Deepti


Mini Professors is now running in your area! This innovative and fun class for pre-school children will open up a whole new world of scientific adventure to your child. Every week we cover a new and exciting topic and each lesson is packed full of experiments, singing, stories and loads of fun. The classes are very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Feel free to visit a class but please call in advance to ensure places are available.


Before joining the Mini Professors team, I was a secondary school Science teacher. I come from a background in science; where I studied Biomedical Science at University and thereafter, worked as a research scientist for a large pharmaceutical company. 

After having my first child I decided that full time teaching was no longer for me. The time I spent at home with my son, Kashi, was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I cherished the time I spent with him. A year later I had a little baby girl, Avani. Spending this time as home with them both has enabled me to see them grow into little toddlers with their cheeky personalities. I was fortunate to discover the Mini Professors franchise and it was really exciting for me to become part of this award winning National programme. I’ve become a Mini Professor class leader as I want to shape the development of growing minds and make Science enjoyable for pre-school children. I have a strong passion for Science and being able to nurture inquisitive minds makes this the ideal job for me.

As a parent I understand how important it is stimulate young minds and I have found Mini Professors, with the experiments, singing and stories, the perfect toddler class to attend. I look forward to meeting you soon. 


BSC (Hons) Biomedical Science

QTS (PGCE) Secondary School Science


Welcome to Mini Professors, a science programme that has been designed specifically for 2-5 year olds. We are passionate about science and in our classes we make science enjoyable for pre-school children. The Mini Professors science classes provide a warm and welcoming environment in which young children can explore and marvel at science.

We hold separate sessions for 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds. Every class is different, with a completely new and exciting scientific topic being taught each week, so your little one (and you) can attend for 2 years and experience something new each week. Every class has a hands on experiment and we cover everything from polymers to dinosaurs, maths to tropical rainforests and much, much more.


About Mini Professors

At Mini Professors we are passionate about science. Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’ and this reflects the ethos of our lessons. We feel that all children have a great thirst for learning from a young age and therefore, should be given every opportunity to develop and learn new skills and wonder at the world around them.

The Mini Professors science classes provide a warm and welcoming environment in which young children can not only explore and marvel at science but we also encourage many life skills, such as asking and answering questions, turn taking, sharing and socialising.

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 About the Classes

Our Mini Professors get to wear their own mini lab coats and learn about the basic principles of scientific experimentation, whilst having loads of fun and generally getting stuck in.

A typical class starts with our Mini Professors Welcome Song, followed by an introduction to today's topic, with pictures and props, then our first experiment, where we encourage all our Mini Professors and their grownups to join in (and maybe get messy!). Next we have a short video, related to the scientific topic, then a story followed by another fantastic science experiment. At the end of the lesson we summarise what we've learnt and end with the Mini Professors Goodbye Song and (very importantly!), each child is given a sticker!

Each Mini Professors session lasts 40 minutes and follows a set format so the children know what to expect next. All the activities are concise and interactive, catering for the many different learning styles and keeping the little ones’ attention!

The children love to get involved in the experiments and it is a great opportunity to prepare them for preschool and school. Young children are so enthusiastic about science – they have inquisitive minds and they are not afraid to ask questions.

We encourage the grownups to join in too and carry on the learning experience at home with their children.



£6.50 for one child per class.

Sibling rates are now available with 25% off the second child.

Full term (12 weeks) £78

A 3 for 2 SPECIAL OFFER is now available for new families to Mini Professors Leicester East for £13

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