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Sarah, Anita & Sam

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Sarah, Anita & Sam

Baby Sensory’s award winning baby development classes are now running in your area. You and your baby will experience different sensory activities designed to support your baby’s sensory development every week and you are welcome to join at any time. Baby Sensory is an extremely popular Baby Development activity and many of our classes are fully booked, it is advisable to book early.

Visitors are always welcome but please call in advance to reserve your place.

To register your interest, please contact your local Baby Sensory Class Leader.


We have absolutely fallen in love with Baby Sensory! We always want Baby Sensory to be fun and engaging, we believe if you are enjoying what you are doing whilst learning, you will always take more away from it. We have found that to be very true with parents and babies alike!

Sarah has 2 children, Jesse, was born in September 2012 and Isla in November 2014. She says " When Jesse was 6 weeks old we started attending our local class in Meopham. I found the sessions were so beneficial to his development, as well as supporting me in having new ideas for play and learning at home. I also made all my mummy friends through joining the classes and they have been a huge support through the trials and tribulations of being a new parent. I have been lucky enough to take on running sessions in this area, and this has become my main passion in life. I love that the classes create a precious time and place where a parent and baby can bond, whilst furthering their development. I have now become a parent for a second time and and loving every minute of being a mummy in class!" 

Anita has a baby boy, born in August 2014, and after coming to Sarah's classes she shared the love of Baby Sensory and decided to join the team, and thank goodness she has as she is brilliant! Anita's background is performing arts and so you are in great hands when in class! She and Henry came along to our Gravesend classes!

Sam joined Sarah's classes with her little girl over 3 years ago, and she has been around ever since! She met all her mummy friends in our classes and we see them all every week in Toddler Sense now! Sam has always told anyone that will listen that Baby Sensory is the best baby class around, and when the opportunity came up to join our team she leapt at the chance. Sam loves being with our babies and parents, and running brilliant classes is the icing on the cake!

Katie joined us in March 2016 having just completed a full 13 months of Baby Sensory with her little girl Poppy. Katie and Poppy couldn't get enough of our classes and went here, there and everywhere to be sure they got their fix of magic every week. Katie's love of Baby Sensory means she knows exactly what she loved when experiencing classes as a parent, and she is very passionate and enthusiastic about making everything just as special for everyone joining her classes.

We have become fascinated with how important a baby’s first year of life is, and how much it can contribute to their lifelong development. We are proud to be able to devote our time to supporting and passing this information on to other parents and look forward to welcoming you to Baby Sensory.

Sarah, Anita, Sam & Katie x


Sarah - Cert HE in Fashion Merchandising - University of Westminister 

Anita - BA(Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts 



Baby Sensory classes run in the North West Kent area. Our Award Winning Baby Development classes are currently held weekly in Dartford, Stone, Greenhithe, South Darenth, Gravesend and Meopham.  If you are looking for a magical activity for you and your baby, which will be fun and will help with your baby’s sensory development, then call your Sarah, who will arrange for you and your baby to visit one of our classes.

Our founder, Dr lin day specifically designed our classes for babies from birth to 13 months. you can expect everything from gentle baby massage, amazing light shows and Baby Signing, right through to parachutes, bubbles, water play and even Baby Olympics, trips in to the Jungle, beach parties with many more adventures to discover.

Our class locations are easily accessible for parents living in the local communities of North West Kent including Dartford, Wilmington, Temple Hill, Longfield, Hartley, New Ash Green, Eynsford, South Darenth, Horton Kirby, Meopham, Cobham, Istead Rise, Vigo, Gravesend, Dartford, Greenhithe, Stone, Cliffe Woods and Hoo.


Our regular classes can be booked in blocks, for our 45 minute classes the cost is as follows: 

6 classes will be £40

for our 1 hour classes the cost is as follows:

6 classes will be £43

Blocks of classes are to be used in consecutive weeks.

For up-to-date news on classes, special events and top tips for home play with babies, follow Sarah, Anita & Katie on facebook:

Search for Sarah Kyla Dalton

Register your interest with Sarah:  k

Baby Sensory terms and conditions/policies


Baby Sensory’s Terms and Conditions aim to present a fair sustainable structure to all. We aim to provide the highest quality classes for all our customers, as is our need to secure the regular employment to secure the best Class Leaders and venues available.

We are committed to the safety of all persons who attend our lessons and to deliver the highest standard of service.

Participating in a Baby Sensory class is entirely at your own risk without any proven negligence, breach of duty of care or lack of due diligence by Baby Sensory Ltd., your local Franchise or its employees.

Payment Methods:

Payment is through our online booking system.

Confirmation of place

If payment is made through any other way than card payment using the online booking system, your place will only be confirmed on full payment. An acknowledgment will be sent with payment details however booking confirmation will only be sent when payment is received. If you pay using the online booking system, you will receive an automated reply confirming your place.


A course or event may be cancelled provided you inform the Franchisee in writing within 7 days of the course commencing. Please note there may be an administration charge of up to one-class for any changes made.

You may offer your place to a friend as a gift provided you inform your Class Leader

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Holidays and sickness policy:

Regrettably we cannot offer discounts or refunds to cover your booked holidays due to the need to ensure continuity of service.

You may offer your place to a friend who also has a baby to a session you know you are unable to attend. You would need to inform your Class Leader in this instance.  

Twins discount:

Baby Sensory offers local discounts for twins if brought by one adult sitting within the teaching circle.

A parent with twins will need to have either another adult or an arrangement with another parent, should they need to take one of the twins to the bathroom. The Class Leader can never be responsible for your child.

Supervision and withdrawal of service

All children must be supervised at all times and not left unattended. The Class Leader cannot be responsible for a child at any time.

Should a carer or associated visitor behave in a way that the Class Leader feels is unreasonable then the company reserves the rights to withdraw the provision of classes to the client.


No later than two weeks before your term runs out your class leader will ask you whether you wish to renew for another term. The Class Leader will inform you of the mechanism to rebook your space and payment terms. Note however that places remain on a first come first served basis.

Cancellation of Classes policy:

Baby Sensory will endeavour to run classes during bad weather e.g. snowy conditions. However should we need to cancel due to safety concerns, parents will be notified/contacted (please check your local Baby Sensory Facebook page and make sure your phone number is are kept up to date on our register).

An additional class will be offered if we have to cancel a class or refund against a future term’s fees. Regrettably we cannot automatically offer cash refunds.


Parents are asked to keep their babies at home if they have a serious infection and to inform the setting as to the nature of the infection so that other parents can be alerted.

Please keep your baby at home if he/she:

•      Has a fever or has had one in the previous 24 hours

•      Has had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours

•      Has heavy nasal discharge

•      Has discharging eyes

Has symptoms of a possible communicable diseases such as:

•      Measles

•      Chicken pox

•      German measles

•      Whooping cough

•      Impetigo

•      Scarlett fever

•      Hand, foot and mouth disease

•      Norovirus

We cannot offer a refund for a lesson missed due to illness you may offer your place to a friend who also has a baby to the session. You would need to inform your Class Leader in this instance. 

Commitment to Equal Opportunities:

Baby Sensory has a commitment to ensure that the equipment and activities are value and worth to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability.

Data Protection

The information on this form contains personal data.

Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense will record, process and keep your personal information secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will not be passed onto a third party unless you have opted in during the booking process.

Videos, photographs and confidentiality

We love you taking pictures or videos of your children during the course provided it doesn’t interfere with the class. In addition please always be sensitive of taking pictures of others without their permission.  If you are asked to stop, please do respect the rights of others.

In addition if the Class Leader feels that the amount of video is excessive, not just short clips, then you may be asked to stop.

Please remember that much of the content of the class is under copyright and while we are very happy for you to practice at home, these are not to be incorporated into another public activity without our permission.

During our classes we may take pictures for use on social media. We will always ask the group for your permission at the time of the photo being taken. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would prefer that you or your baby are not photographed, and we will ensure this picture is not shared.

Protection of property

Please note that your property left in prams or bags is your responsibility and Baby Sensory cannot take any responsibility for the safeguarding of these items.

Health & Safety and Hygiene Policies:

Baby Sensory follows rigorous internal checks of the venue and its own equipment to ensure that they are clean and safe. Daily Risk Assessments are conducted.

Baby Sensory is a Gold Accredited member of the Children’s Activities Association and meets their standards in all operational aspects.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Baby Sensory from time to time updates these T&Cs. It will inform you of changes through regular channels of communication and you have 14 days to opt out of accepting changes in writing. Failure to do so will entitle Baby Sensory to treat this agreement with you as being updated with the changes.

Mailing List

When you register for classes with us, we will automatically add your details to our mailing list to be sure you receive details of how to book for new terms plus any other news we have.


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